How do we fix it?

Treatment Options

Let Nature Take Her Course – Many cases of abnormal head shape resolve on their own without need of any intervention other than trying to keep your baby from spending too much time in one position. Excessive time spent in a car carrier or being left on their backs in a crib can lead to head shape abnormalities. The best way to compensate for the hours your baby spends on his or her back is to spend some quality "tummy time".

Tummy Time – Provides parents with ideas and activities to make sure your baby gets enough time on his/her tummy throughout the day, while he/she is awake and supervised. These activities include handling, carrying, diapering, positioning, feeding and playing with your baby. Please visit the Library for more detailed information.

STARband – A baby fortunate enough to be fitted with a STARband in the optimum age range will wear the helmet 23 hours a day and will gently guide the baby’s head into a more normal shape. Please consult with your Physician and/or Orthotist for more detailed information.

Three Months to Liftoff

See the STARband experience through the eyes of a young family.