Evelyn was originally diagnosed with severe torticollis and moderate plagiocephaly at 6 weeks of age. After completing five and a half months of weekly physical therapy visits the therapist referred us to our local Orthotist since the plagiocephaly had moved into the "severe" group. We visited the Orthotist, completed the casting, and within a week we received Evelyn's helmet. It has been the best possible experience we could have hoped for. She took to the helmet very well and the plagiocephaly has improved significantly over the last several months. We dealt with an incredible amount of stress and anxiety just hoping that the helmet would work and the process would be quick. It has been just that. These last few months have flown by and we are so thankful that we trusted her Orthotist and stuck to schedule 100%. We could not be happier with our results. Thank you STARband!!!

-Amanda, Evelyn's Mother