Jacob had to start wearing his helmet at about 10 months old. At his 9 month check up his pediatrician recommended we make a consultation to see if he needed a helmet due to the flatness on the back of his head and how the sides were popping out a bit. Sure enough after meeting with Dr. Brittany Stryker and team at Orthopedic Motion, we found out Jacob's head landed on the 50/50 mark meaning it could possibly correct itself but possibly could not. Not only was his head somewhat flat on the back, popping out on the sides, his head was also pulling to the right causing tension in his little neck. Jacob was already at the age where we needed to make a decision now due to the plates forming in his head. After doing more research it wasn't just a cosmetic fix, this could potentially effect his vision and hearing If not corrected. As any parent you always want what is best for your child. We didn't want to take that chance that it might correct itself so we opted to go with the helmet and so glad we did! We were lucky enough that insurance covered most of the cost as well and from what we hear more and more insurances are.

Since the first day Jacob had his helmet on, we never experienced a problem with him wearing it. It's actually cool looking and fits his little personality. So many people compliment his cool skull and cross bones design and chat with us about their child having to wear one or someone they knew who did. It's more common than you think! There are options to spruce the helmet up by getting it painted, decals, or just ordering a design on the helmet. 

The first week was the biggest adjustment, handling how sweaty the head gets, cleaning the helmet right, putting it on the head right, all the normal questions parents might wonder. But after the first week it becomes natural and part of your daily routine. Also the sweat stops after the first week their head gets adjusted and the holes totally make a difference. Just the smell takes some getting used to :) and they might scratch the back of their head but nothing a good little wash won't fix.

Best part is after the first week we could see results. Jacob has had it on 3 weeks now and he his head is at 50% corrected. He will have to wear it 3 more weeks full time (20-22 hours a day) then only when he sleeps!

As you can see in our pictures he his a happy little boy, who doesn't mind his helmet at all, plays all day in it, sleeps comfortable and peaceful in it, and goes out and about in it.

Despite our unsureness in the beginning of this process, our family is definitely team plagiocephaly/Cranial Remolding and loves the improvement on our baby's head and how healthy he will be when it's over. Shout out to Dr. Brittany Stryker and team at Orthopedic Motion, they are awesome!!!

- Lindsay, Jacob's Mother