My son got his STARband when he was almost nine months old. He loves his "hat". When we take it off, he looks for it by patting his head and then tries to put it back on himself. He has had such fast progress with it, that he might be able to get it off this week, only three days shy of having it for three months!!

-Mary, Jack's Mother


When we got the torticollis and plagiocephaly diagnosis, I was devastated! Of course I thought my baby boy was perfect, and hearing he had to wear the helmet was just more than I could handle! However, on November 10th, we received our STARband. My son doesn't know any different, and his head is healing! He was wearing it 24/7, but is now beginning to wear because he's done so well with it. And, we think he's just the cutest, as he's pretty badass in his skull and bones helmet. 

-Tarra, Nash's Mother


My daughter had to be vacuumed out at birth, leaving her neck muscles tight. She started to about her left side and slowly a flat spot formed. She has been so strong since the day she was born. We were told she didn't benefit from physio because she was above average for her age in mobility and strength. I took her to a chiropractor and cranial therapy but ended up having to get her a helmet. She wore her helmet for only three months but it drastically helped her head shape so fast! Within the first month her CVAI went from a 11.3 to a 7.7. We were shocked! She continued to wear it for two more months and we are beyond happy we made this decision!

-Lindy, Alyssa's Mother


My son Eli was a big baby who started sleeping through the night early on. We feared letting him sleep on his belly or his side so the result was a pretty flat head. We were desperate to figure out what could be done to help round out his head. Luckily with some research we found STARband and it was the biggest blessing! He is now four years old and his head looks perfect to us.

-Cynthia, Eli's Mother


My son Jason was prescribed a STARband helmet when he was six months old due to the fact that he would only sleep in his swing which had a plastic back, and caused his head to be flat on the back. I was nervous to see how he would do with it and if it would bother him wearing it almost all day and night. He did absolutely amazing with it, and in three short months his head transformed from flat to perfect! Thank you STARband so much! We will forever be grateful for Orthomerica

-Ashley, Jason's Mother


My husband and I noticed Logan having a very flat head around two months old. Over the next couple of months, we worked with our doctor to better shape his head. Nothing worked, so we got a referral to visit Shriners Hospital in St Louis, MO. Doctors and nurses at Shriners evaluated Logan. He was in need of a STARband. We made frequent visits to Shriner Hospital from September 2016 to January 2017. Logan went from 106 to a 95 over four months. Our family farms, so my sister in law painted a tractor and farm scene on Logan's helmet. My husband and I are pleased with the results. My husband and I proudly promote our experience.

-Kaila, Logan's Mother


Henry was born with severe torticollis, so he would only sleep on one side of his head, making the other part flat. We have been in Physical Therapy, massage and cranial sacral treatments since we found out (around two months), but unfortunately even though the treatments were helping his neck, it didn't correct his head. He got measured for his STARband just before Christmas and we are already seeing results. Having the STARband on hasn't changed Henry's (H2-D2) happy demeanour at all, we just had to find the biggest winter hat ever to fit over it because we are in Winnipeg, Canada and it's freezing here right now! Henry lives with his brother Jack (2.5) his parents and his three rescue dogs, Molly, Kopek & Phillip. Thanks and take care! :)

- Alisa, Henry's Mother


Evelyn was originally diagnosed with severe torticollis and moderate plagiocephaly at 6 weeks of age. After completing five and a half months of weekly physical therapy visits the therapist referred us to our local Orthotist since the plagiocephaly had moved into the "severe" group. We visited the Orthotist, completed the casting, and within a week we received Evelyn's helmet. It has been the best possible experience we could have hoped for. She took to the helmet very well and the plagiocephaly has improved significantly over the last several months. We dealt with an incredible amount of stress and anxiety just hoping that the helmet would work and the process would be quick. It has been just that. These last few months have flown by and we are so thankful that we trusted her Orthotist and stuck to schedule 100%. We could not be happier with our results. Thank you STARband!!!

-Amanda, Evelyn's Mother